Novak Djokovic falls to knees as water bottle strikes head at Italian Open

Immediate medical attention for Novak Djokovic following unexpected accident. — X/@TheTennisLetter

In a startling moment at the Italian Open, Serbian tennis ace Novak Djokovic was struck on the head by a water bottle, causing him to collapse onto his knees, as reported by Fox News.

Djokovic, aged 36, received medical attention for a head injury after the mishap, which occurred while he was signing autographs post-victory over Corentin Moutet, with a scoreline of 6-3, 6-1, on Friday evening.

The incident was marked by the unmistakable sound of the bottle hitting both the world-renowned player and the floor, accompanied by a collective gasp from the audience.

The tennis star was seen kneeling and holding his head for approximately one minute before support staff escorted him to the locker rooms.

Organizers of the Italian Open reassured everyone by stating that Djokovic received prompt medical care and returned to his hotel without any alarming concerns about his health.

Camera footage revealed the bottle slipping from a spectator’s bag and striking Djokovic on the head.

Following the incident, the International Serbian player exhibited a noticeable swelling on his head and a minor bleeding wound but did not necessitate any stitches, confirmed by Alessandro Catapano, a representative for the Italian Tennis Federation.

“Nole has returned to his accommodations and appears to be doing fine. He was naturally shaken, but he seems to be recovering well,” remarked Catapano.

The event marked Djokovic’s inaugural match of the championship and marked his return to the tennis court after a month-long break.

Djokovic is gearing up to retain his title at the prestigious French Open, which commences on May 26.

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