Woman shot six times by unknown assailants in upscale area of Lahore

During the daylight hours of Wednesday, in the high-end district of Lahore, a woman identified as Zainab Jamil became the victim of a shooting. She was immediately taken to a nearby private medical facility, where she received urgent care for her serious injuries.

The terrifying episode unfolded within the affluent confines of DHA’s Phase 5 commercial zone, adjacent to J block park. Zainab, the proprietor of ‘Evolve by A&Z’, a local beauty salon, was ambushed while she was making her way to her vehicle after leaving her business. The assailants, who remain unidentified, rode up on a motorbike and began shooting at her.

During her statement, Zainab, who has a past in acting and modeling, expressed her suspicions that her husband might be behind this vicious attack. She has called on the Chief Minister of Punjab for support in capturing the assailants who managed to escape the crime scene and remain at large.

Law enforcement officials report that Zainab had shared concerns about receiving threats prior to the attack, suspecting that her husband could be orchestrating these events. The police have acknowledged these allegations and are actively searching for the individuals responsible.

The official police response now includes a case against two unidentified individuals, informed by a complaint lodged by Zainab’s uncle.

Zainab is said to have sustained six gunshot wounds, one of which tragically struck her face. Graphic video footage from the crime location has surfaced, showing several bystanders assisting a wounded Zainab into her car for emergency transport to a medical facility.

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