Woman among four dead in Ghotki coach-trailer collision

Fatalities rise as a severe road accident involving a passenger bus and a trailer in Ghotki has been reported this Friday, courtesy of ARY News.

The local police force disclosed that the incident took place near Ghotki on the M5 motorway. A coach en route from Karachi to Rawalpindi collided with an oncoming trailer, leading to the immediate demise of four individuals.

Upon notification, rescue authorities rushed to the scene of the mishap to transport the casualties and those wounded to medical facilities in the neighboring cities of Sukkur and Rahim Yar Khan.

In an unrelated yet equally sorrowful event, a car crash near Gadani Mor in the province of Balochistan resulted in three fatalities, attributed to a fire outbreak following the accident.

Detailed reports suggest the fire ignited as a car, laden with Iranian petrol, collided with a two-wheeler.

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The police stated that firefighters were able to subdue the blaze, albeit too late to prevent the vehicular destruction from incineration.

Further, in Nawabshah, another traumatic vehicular clash between a car full of wedding guests and a truck resulted in immediate fatalities, and an eventual death toll of five, along with dozen injuries.

The details of the Nawabshah accident paint a grim picture, with the car colliding with the truck and initial reports of two deaths, which later climbed due to succumbing injuries.

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