Will prefer to leave country to becoming a slave to establishment: Fazl

  • National mobilization announced by the head of JUI-F with the first rally set for June 1 in Muzaffargarh

ISLAMABAD: Maulana Fazlur Rehman, leader of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) made a staunch declaration on Friday, expressing his choice to exit the nation over yielding to establishment powers, stating he refuses to live under their control.

“Our electoral significance has been intentionally diluted,” Rehman remarked, pointing an accusing finger at the political system’s manipulation. “We are seeing non-consensual shaping of government structures,” he continued.

During a dialogue with a private digital media outlet on Friday

Rehman argued that the 2024 electoral process was more heavily tampered with than that of 2018, resulting in externally influenced government formation. “Currently, it is a government with a minority that holds power,” he observed.

“Apart from inflating governmental numbers, the PPP plays no significant part,” Rehman accused, highlighting the establishment’s orchestration of events. “We stand resilient against this backdrop.”

With the proclamation of a countrywide campaign, a kick-off assembly is arranged for June 1 in Muzaffargarh, Punjab. “We’ve devoted our lives to uphold democratic principles,” Rehman professed, yet he remarked, “Democracy is nothing more than a show, from here to the United States.”

Rehman sustained his longstanding disapproval of the establishment’s meddling in politics, which has been his stance since the year 2018. “The establishment’s intent on bending outcomes to their will is apparent,” he proclaimed. “Our perspective is fixed: such overtures are unacceptable, irrespective of public opinion.”

“Living in subjection is not an option for us,” Rehman claimed with conviction. “Should the need arise, we stand ready to abandon the country rather than bow down to establishment dominance.”

Rehman condemned maneuvers to marginalize any political entity working for Pakistan’s benefit and pressed for amicable ties with adjacent states. “The vision of an Asian union is hindered by the establishment, which poses the greatest barrier,” he expressed.

In reference to India, he postulated, “Our discord with India was rooted in Kashmir. Now that Kashmir’s status has been altered, it is time for the hostilities to cease.”

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