UAE pledge to invest USD $10 bn in Pakistan

KARACHI: In a major economic boost for Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates’ President has committed to injecting a $10 billion investment, as stated in an ARY News report on Thursday.

During a brief engagement in the UAE, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif was engaged in high-level dialogue with President Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, which led to a considerable financial pledge being made towards Pakistan’s economy.

The influential gathering saw the presence of key Pakistani officials such as Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar, along with Commerce Minister Jam Kamal Khan.

This financial engagement is a milestone in the ever-strengthening ties between Pakistan and the UAE.

It is anticipated that this substantial financial infusion will greatly boost Pakistan’s economic landscape, spurring on employment, infrastructure improvement, and enhancing other critical sectors.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif expressed a keen interest in advancing Pakistan’s economic conditions through a strategic alliance with the UAE.

According to reports from a government-run media outlet, the Prime Minister articulated his ambitions at a roundtable titled “Innovate together: UAE-Pakistan Tech Collaboration,” aligning his short visit with aspirations for technological cooperation.

Sharif conveyed his staunch determination to revolutionize Pakistan’s economic framework with the support of the UAE.

He spoke of fostering joint ventures, collaborative projects, and partnerships that hinge on knowledge exchange, emphasizing a mutual advantage for both nations’ investors.

In Sharif’s discourse, he underscored a shift from seeking loans to seeking collaborative ventures and investments, highlighting a vision of shared prosperity through diligent partnership.

Proclaiming an end to the era of dependency, Sharif vowed to shun seeking aid and instead focus on the fortitude and diligence that nation-building requires.

“Those days are behind us. The days of seeking help through a figurative begging bowl are over. I’ve rid us of that approach. Aid has never been the seed of national prosperity,” he declared.

Sharif also illuminated the initiatives his government has in store, which includes providing Pakistani workers with top-tier vocational training. This strategy aims for Pakistani professionals to contribute significantly within the UAE and utilize remote services, enabling them to earn their living with dignity.

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