Teacher injured after classroom ceiling fan falls on her head

PESHAWAR: A ceiling fan collapse in a KP government school classroom resulted in injuries to a teacher.

In a troubling classroom incident captured on video and shared with ARY News, a ceiling fan abruptly fell onto a teacher at the Government Girls Primary School in Chugal Pura locality of Peshawar while she was conducting a lesson.

The fan struck the teacher on the head, prompting immediate transportation to a local private medical facility by her colleagues.

The event prompted a panicked response among the pupils, who were visibly shaken and were heard screaming in the resulting chaos.

Shamim Akhtar, the Sub-Divisional Education Officer, expressed that the school’s infrastructure is seriously compromised, being established in 1916.

“We’ve proposed an upgrade to the Education Department; unfortunately, without their intervention, students continue their education in this hazardous environment,” she noted.

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