Shehbaz accuses Imran of misleading public, slandering military

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday alleged that former premier and PTI founder Imran Khan was deceiving the public and damaging the reputation of the military and their families. His remarks were made during a speech at the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) General Council meeting in Lahore.
Imran Khan, who once showed deference to the military, is now deceiving people about the Fall of Dhaka. He is defaming the military and their families,” stated Shehbaz.

Shehbaz officially relinquished his duties back to the party, acknowledging Nawaz Sharif‘s return to leadership. “The trust the party placed in me, I now return with appreciation. God has reinstated Nawaz Sharif to his position. Efforts are in progress to revive the economy under Maryam Nawaz in Punjab and Nawaz Sharif at the federal level.”
He condemned those who plotted against Nawaz Sharif, stating, “The faces of the conspirators are disgraced, and Nawaz Sharif stands vindicated. He was unfairly punished in the Panama case with an iqama.”
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The prime minister also denounced Khan for his remarks regarding the military and national tragedies. “Imran Khan, who once showed respect to soldiers, is now comparing himself with Mujibur Rehman on the Fall of Dhaka. His statements in London about our martyrs and veterans are unforgivable. If anyone watches that video, they would want to silence him. These soldiers made their children orphans to save millions of others.”
Shehbaz cautioned of severe consequences if Pakistan‘s prosperity doesn’t return. “If Pakistan does not progress, there will be neither politicians nor judges left. While many judges are patriotic, a few corrupt ones facilitated Imran Khan‘s £190 million corruption. Khan sold gifts and watches. Judges, recall, during Nawaz Sharif‘s tenure, there were no easy bails, unlike now.”
Shehbaz concluded with a stern warning to Khan. “I do not wish to attack you personally, but your actions against the families of Pakistan‘s armed forces will not be forgiven by this nation.”

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