Saudi delegation arrived in Pakistan to oversee project

KARACHI: A high-ranking team of 9 from Saudi Arabia, led by the esteemed Immigration and Passport Chief Lt. Gen. Sulaiman bin Abdulaziz Al Yahya, has touched down in Karachi.

Officials, including Deputy Director of Hajj, Gulzar Soomro, were present to extend a warm welcome to the Saudi party upon their arrival at the local airport.

In a related movement, the Saudi Ambassador Nawab bin Saeed Ahmad Al Maliki journeyed from Islamabad to Karachi to join the occasion.

The head of Saudi Immigration and Passport along with the distinguished Ambassador were both greeted at Karachi’s aviation hub.

The delegation is scheduled to meet with the Governor of Sindh to take part in a distinguished gathering aimed at discussing the ‘Road to Makkah’ initiative.

As part of the collaborative ‘Road to Makkah’ effort, Saudi Airlines is scheduled to operate flight SV 3709 on May 12, which will embark with devotees heading to Madinah.


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