ISLAMABAD: The employees of a private company staged a protest against the recently announced ‘tax filled’ budget 2024-25 which further burdened the inflation hit salary class citizens of Pakistan, ARY News reported on Friday.
More than hundreds of private company employees participated in the protest staged at Islamabad’s Blue area.
The president of the private company stated that people are not able to bear the tax recently imposed by the government on the salaried class.
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He highlighted that the government should have revised the tax policy as the inflation-hit citizens already considering leaving the country.
The protestors appealed to the government to withdraw the taxes imposed in the recently announced budget 2024-25.
Last Month, Finance  Minister and other government officials failed to answer the tough questions asked by the journalists during the post-budget press briefing session here in Islamabad.
During the post-budget briefing session, a Pakistani reporter lambasted the Pakistani government’s fiscal policies and their impact on the common citizen.
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The journalist highlighted the plight of an employee earning a meager Rs 45,000 per month, whose mobile SIM was blocked by the PTA for being a non-filer but, he pointed out, no action has been taken against the unexplained wealth of many high-ranking officials exposed in the Dubai Leaks.
“Why there is no accountability for generals, parliamentarians, and high-profile figures like Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi, who own significant, unexplained properties in Dubai,” the reporter questioned the FBR chairman.
He criticized the apparent double standard where the assets of the wealthy are left uninvestigated while ordinary citizens face ‘punishments’ for minor violations.

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