A large number of mourners attending the 9th Muharramul Haram procession in the federal capital in 2018. —APP/File

Punjab govt requisitions total of 150 companies of security forces.Out of them, 69 are of Pakistan Army, 81 are of Pakistan Rangers.Province also bans pillion riding from 7th to 10th Muharram.LAHORE: The Punjab government has requisitioned the services of the Pakistan Army and Pakistan Rangers while announcing a ban on pillion riding across the province as security measures ahead of Muharram 2024.According to a The News report, published Saturday, the provincial government sought the deployment of the military to maintain law and order during the month.Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz’s administration has sought the services of 150 companies of troops from the interior ministry which will assist Punjab police in performing security duties in Muharram expected to start from July 8.As per the Punjab Home Department spokesperson, the government has requisitioned 69 companies of the Pakistan Army, whereas 81 Pakistan Rangers companies have been sought from 1st to 12th MuharramFurthermore, the spokesman added that deputy commissioners have been given the authority to gag and ban individuals responsible for igniting sectarianism and hatred in the society.Similarly, the administration has been asked to share details of locations where mobile signals need to be jammed around Majaalis and processions.Additionally, the Punjab government has issued a notification imposing a ban on pillion riding from 7th to 10th Muharram.Moreover, the exhibition of weapons in public places without permission has also been banned along with the establishment of pickets on the roofs of the buildings located along the procession routes.Also, storing stones, bricks and glass bottles on the roofs of buildings around the procession routes has also been prohibited.It is pertinent to know that provincial governments, including Punjab, have requested the federal government to suspend social media platforms for one week to curb the spread of hate material on the internet.In a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Cabinet on Law and Order, as per the letter of the provincial home department, the government has decided to suspend social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram from 6 to 11 Muharram.However, the federal government has not yet taken any decision to suspend internet services during Muharram, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior said a day earlier.

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