PTI’s Imran Khan to write to army chief Gen Asim Munir on country’s crises

NCA Confiscated £190 Million on Suspicion, Not for Laundering, Claims Former PM

Army Chief General Asim Munir (left) in company with PTI leader Imran Khan. — AFP/ISPR/File
  • Imran Khan warns Shehzad Akbar may be detained upon airport return.
  • Says his encounters with Farah Gogi were limited to only three occasions.
  • Details of the agreement with NCA are confidential, as insisted by parties involved.

In the face of worsening economic and political crises, Imran Khan, the jailed ex-premier of Pakistan and leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has shared plans to pen a letter to Army Chief General Asim Munir to highlight these issues.

Imran Khan indicated his intentions to communicate with the army chief about the daunting challenges facing Pakistan during a media interaction in Rawalpindi’s Adiala Jail on Monday.

This revelation comes just days after Imran Khan entrusted a vital task to ex-President Dr. Arif Alvi as a liaison between the military and Khan’s party. This is part of ongoing efforts to mend fences despite PTI’s earlier rejection of the military’s request to apologize for the unrest that followed Khan’s ousting.

Speaking on the matter of the £190 million settlement, the PTI leader highlighted that the UK’s National Crime Agency had confiscated the sum due to questionable transactions, but explicitly not for money laundering.

Imran Khan pointed out that if litigation proceeded in civil courts, it could potentially delay the return of the funds to Pakistan by another five years.

Furthermore, he disclosed that the UK’s NCA and the involved private party had requested confidentiality in the agreement.

Addressing inquiries if he would summon Shehzad Akbar and Farhat Shahzadi, also known as Farah Gogi, to affirm his innocence, Khan stated that his brief meetings with Gogi were concerning his wife and that Akbar could face arrest if he returns under current conditions.

A court in Rawalpindi, as of February 2024, has formally accused Imran Khan and his spouse Bushra Bibi in a case associated with the controversial £190 million.

Background on the £190 Million Settlement

Khan, alongside his wife and other PTI affiliates, is implicated in a query by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) concerning a deal made during his tenure. This deal with a property mogul is suspected of defrauding the national treasury of £190 million.

The allegations suggest that Imran Khan and co-conspirators facilitated the adjustment of funds transferred by the NCA, in a manner that granted them an unfair advantage, including sizable land parcels to found Al Qadir University.

Following the seizure of assets by the NCA from a British-based property tycoon, the PTI government negotiated a settlement, with the understanding that the sum was obtained in a non-criminal agreement.

With no public disclosure, the settlement was approved by Imran Khan’s cabinet. The agreement stipulated that the money would be entrusted to the Supreme Court as the property tycoon’s representative.

Subsequently, the Al-Qadir Trust was set up just weeks after the cabinet’s consent, with initial trustees including prominent PTI members and close allies.

Shortly after these approvals, the property tycoon conveyed land to the trust, further entangling PTI figures in potential misconduct of power and abuses relating to the repatriated funds.

With substantial evidence detected, NAB moved from inquiry to active investigation. NAB authorities are scrutinizing allegations that both Khan and his wife improperly acquired land from the tycoon in exchange for whitewashing his black money from the settlement.

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