Polling for by-election in Multan’s NA-148 underway

A voter partakes in the by-elections in Karachi, snapped on October 16, 2022. — PPI
  • Robust security protocols implemented, according to ECP.
  • Dedicated centre for election supervision established.
  • Surveillance measures, including CCTV, in place at high-risk voting sites.

MULTAN: Active voting for the NA-148 (Multan-1) by-election is ongoing today, with the identification of 69 polling locales as high-security risk areas.

The polls opened at 8 am and are set to close by 5 pm, running continuously throughout the day. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), in collaboration with the local administration in Multan, has assured that comprehensive preparations are in place to conduct a transparent election.

Around 444,231 registered electorates are expected to cast their ballots, with 275 polling stations ready for them.

The spokesperson for ECP Punjab has confirmed top-level security measures at polling places, which are bolstered with video surveillance and walkthrough gates, particularly at the points of higher sensitivity.

An array of eight contenders, including Barrister Taimur Altaf Malik endorsed by PTI-affiliated Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) and Ali Qasim Gillani from the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), are competing for the parliamentary seat.

This vacancy arose following Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani’s shift to the Senate. He had narrowly clinched victory for this seat during the general elections in 2024, facing off with Malik.

In the meantime, the ECP has gone ahead to set up an Election Monitoring and Control Centre to assist the public, enabling them to raise any concerns linked to the election day proceedings.

“We are prepared to swiftly tackle any issues reported. The centre is manned with capable personnel trained to handle these matters efficiently. To better handle complaints, control centres are operational across four distinct levels, ensuring quick registration and problem-solving,” the spokesperson elaborated.

These monitoring units are stationed at various tiers from the ECP Secretariat in Islamabad to provincial, divisional, and district echelons, finely tuned for effective response to public queries.

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