Politics is the art of the possible

During a media briefing on the 7th of May, DG ISPR addressed numerous topics, such as the current state of political affairs, rumors regarding negotiations between the military and PTI, the unfortunate events of the 9th of May, and the military’s stance on the accountability of individuals responsible for orchestrating and carrying out these actions.

The press briefing emphasized the urgent need to hold those responsible for the 9th May unrest accountable under the nation’s constitutional and legal frameworks, stressing that it would reflect poorly on the judiciary if such offenders were not swiftly brought to justice.

The idea of potential discussions between PTI and military authorities was strongly dismissed, with the assertion that no agreements or dialogues with those involved in the May 9th violence would take place. Apologies to the nation were proposed as the sole option for the culprits. The military spokesperson clarified that negotiations typically occur between political entities, not the army and political leaders.

In response to the PTI’s call for a judicial committee to investigate the May 9th incident, it was argued that such commissions are formed when events are ambiguous—not the case here, as those responsible for the May 9th incident seemed evident. Confirmed by visual evidence of PTI members’ involvement, there is an apparent complicity in the assault on military facilities and memorials. Nonetheless, the military spokesman stated openness to the formation of a commission, which could also explore various matters, including motives behind past political protests and financial dealings surrounding the PTI.

Reacting to the press conference, PTI has dismissed the accusations of the 9th May violence as a setup by the establishment. Imran Khan denied the need for an apology, insisting that it is the establishment who owes him an apology. Despite clear evidence of PTI’s participation in the events of the 9th May, the party stubbornly sticks to its narrative.

An esteemed national newspaper, daily Dawn, suggested that PTI’s inflammatory rhetoric led its supporters to react violently last year. It advised the PTI to admit its irresponsible behavior. This stance on the part of the PTI does not constitute genuine politics but is rather deceit of the highest order.

Imran Khan has been promoting this narrative not just nationally but also internationally, such as in an article for The Telegraph, where he blames the establishment for the 9th May incidents to discredit his party.

Those arrested for their role in the 9th May events must face justice, as they have acted against the state. Their prosecution is not a political vendetta, as Imran Khan suggests. However, his adamant denial threatens to lead the country into a stalemate, neither benefiting his party nor his political future.

There must be a search for a constructive path forward because politics is about finding feasible solutions. Unrealistic and inflexible attitudes have a short shelf life. No one can continually deceive the populace. The truth is that PTI’s involvement in the 9th May affair is undeniable, with Imran Khan at the helm of planning.

Imran Khan would be wise to acknowledge reality, apologize to the nation as advocated by the military spokesperson, and seek reconciliation with political adversaries to help lift the country out of its current struggles while judicial proceedings take their course. Only through engaging in dialogue with fellow political forces will he remain a significant figure in the nation’s political future.

Finally, it is recommended that Imran Khan encourage his party members to contribute positively in parliament rather than perpetuating chaos in the assembly. There is still hope for PTI, and Imran Khan has the opportunity to resurrect his political journey if he and his colleagues can set aside their combative stance and conduct themselves with the decorum expected of politicians. Looking ahead, there is always another opportunity for redemption.

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