PM dubs Pak-Saudi ties a unique bond having no parallel in world

  • Declares the two countries akin to a family who will provide mutual support during crises
  • Confirms agreement on cooperation in several areas, including skills development for Saudi Air Force pilots

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has lauded the unparalleled and distinctive alliance between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, acknowledging it as an unparalleled partnership on a global scale.

During an interview with a Saudi broadcasting channel, he highlighted the centuries-old bonds that have been established between the two nations, deeply entrenched in history and shared cultural legacy.

The Prime Minister celebrated the triumphs of the World Economic Forum hosted by Saudi Arabia, mentioning his productive conversations with Saudi leaders that led to agreements on cooperation in several fields, including training initiatives for Saudi Air Force pilots.

He emphasized that both nations share a familial bond, committing to mutual support in challenging times.

Sharif remarked on Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s impactful achievements in the technology sector, mentioning Pakistan’s eagerness to tap into the knowledge and expertise of Saudi Arabia in this area.

He discussed mutual interests and collaborative ventures, especially pointing out discussions about solar energy investments that occurred during the Pakistani delegation’s visit to Riyadh.

Turning his attention to Pakistan’s economic possibilities, the premier spotlighted the country’s potential in agricultural development, dubbing it as “Pakistan Speed.”

He applauded Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for his transformative impact on Saudi Arabia’s environment and praised his revolutionary policies as a source of inspiration for global leaders.

PM Sharif celebrated the prospect of stronger ties between the business communities of the two nations, foreseeing this as a catalyst for progression and prosperity in both countries.

Additionally, he underlined the exciting opportunities that have been emerging from the burgeoning commercial engagements between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, supported by visits from key Saudi participants, including the Foreign Minister.

He acknowledged Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s dedication to building robust relations with Pakistan, stressing the shared advantages such partnerships bring.

‘Pakistan Eager for International Investments Across Various Domains’

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has communicated Pakistan’s active interest in drawing investments from the UK and beyond.

In a discussion with Jane Marriott, the British High Commissioner to Pakistan, in Islamabad, he remarked on Pakistan’s vast opportunities in agriculture, food security, IT, tourism, mining, and multiple other areas.

The Prime Minister referenced the enduring and strengthening bonds with the UK. He also mentioned that Pakistan is heading towards institutional reforms with digitization efforts of the Federal Board of Revenue approaching completion.

He shared that both macro and microeconomic strategies are being implemented to rejuvenate the Pakistani economy. The British delegation commended the government’s initiative in declaring an education emergency. Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar was also in attendance.

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