Pharmaceuticals speed up production, distribution of tetanus shots

LAHORE: In response to recent shortages, drug companies have increased the manufacturing and distribution of tetanus vaccines in the metro area, according to ARY News on Sunday.

Health Minister Khawaja Imran Nazir reported that an influx of over 20,000 doses of the tetanus vaccine has been received by local distributors, and an additional 70,000 doses are en route to Karachi.

The Minister also shared that testing is underway for 150,000 more vaccine doses at NCBL, and once cleared, it is expected to completely alleviate the shortages.

Furthermore, he reassured the public that government-operated hospitals have a sufficient supply of the vaccine.

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This report comes after Salman Rafique, the Health Minister of Punjab, acknowledged the lack of anti-tetanus shots available in Punjab’s market, emphasizing Lahore. He requested detailed information from the relevant pharmaceutical company while expressing appreciation to ARY News for drawing attention to this urgent health concern.

An integral part of both childhood and adult immunization schedules, the tetanus vaccine is key for preventing tetanus infection, which can lead to severe muscle spasms and jaw clamping. There’s no existing cure, and it has a mortality rate between 10% to 20%.

Hospitals and pharmacies, government and private alike, find themselves in a bind due to insufficient anti-tetanus shots, hindering access to this essential medical safeguard.

Pharma companies have pointed to international production halts as the culprit for this dire predicament.

The current shortage poses a significant health risk, especially for accident victims, since the tetanus vaccine must be administered within the critical 72-hour window following an injury to negate the chance of infection efficiently.

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