Pakistani national injured in Kyrgyzstan’s mob riots out of danger, says envoy

As reported by the Pakistani Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, Hasan Zaigham, the Pakistani citizen hurt during the disturbances in Bishkek, Shahzaib, is now in stable condition.

A video statement released on Saturday quoted Zaigham: “We give thanks, Shahzaib’s health is no longer at risk.”

The disruptions, which started on May 13 due to a confrontation involving students from Egypt, spread throughout the Kyrgyz capital and had repercussions for numerous foreign individuals, including students from Pakistan.

Zaigham provided an overview of the situation, stating: “A group of radical locals launched attacks on housing and student dwellings last evening.”

He disclosed that six student residences were targeted during the unrest. The Kyrgyz authorities reported to the ambassador that the riots resulted in injuries to 14 foreigners.

Zaigham relayed: “We have been informed that Shahzaib, a Pakistani, is receiving care at the National Hospital of Kyrgyzstan.”

Tasked by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Zaigham ensured he visited Shahzaib in the hospital to check on him, confirming his well-being and that he was beyond danger.

Zaigham mentioned that Deputy Prime Minister Ishaq Dar and the country’s premier instructed him to extend all necessary support to Pakistani citizens present in Kyrgyzstan.

Zaigham cited reassurances from the Kyrgyz government, promising diligent efforts to safeguard foreign nationals’ safety and property.

The ambassador concluded by stating that local authorities have initiated probes into the violence, and security forces are vigilant in protecting international residents. Arrests have been made in connection with the incidents.    

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