Pakistan set to launch second satellite into space

Pakistan is primed to send off the multi-purpose communication satellite PakSAT-MM-1 on May 30 in partnership with China.
As per the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Suparco) representative, PAKSAT-MM-1 is slated for launch from China’s Xichang Satellite Launch Centre.
The representative stated that the multi-purpose communication satellite PakSAT-MM1R is a collaborative project between Suparco and the Chinese Aerospace Industry, engineered to fulfill the nation’s communication and connectivity requirements.
Leveraging cutting-edge communication technologies, PAKSAT MM-1 will be instrumental in the socio-economic progress of the nation and will serve as a milestone in the nation’s journey towards becoming Digital Pakistan.
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The satellite is predicted to aid in the creation of an advanced communication network and satisfy the burgeoning needs of the telecom sector, with its sophisticated capabilities addressing the rising demand for high-speed internet and uninterrupted connectivity.
The launch event will be broadcast live for the press from the Islamabad and Karachi facilities of Suparco.

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