Pakistan in state of war needs immediate healing touch: Raoof

  • Seeks probe into cypher, regime change operation, assassination attempt on Khan
  • Asks those responsible for imposing martial law four times ever rendered apology to nation
  • Shoaib seeks fair inquiry into murder of three premiers

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Information Secretary Raoof Hasan has stated that Pakistan is in a state of war not because of external but due to internal factors as the institutions’ trespassing constitutional limits, bringing the country on the verge of collapse, insisting that its high time, the country needs a healing touch, instead of rubbing more salt in the wounds, so as to get it out of the prevailing quagmire.

Speaking at a press conference along with PTI senior leader Shoaib Shaheen, Raoof said that he had already given a detailed response to DG ISPR’s unlawful and constitutional press conference but he felt the need to remind him the darkest chapters and black days of the country’s history instead of marking May 9 as a black day.

He said that though establishment past role was not glorious even, the reign of terror unleashed on PTI, its leaders and workers during the past two years were unprecedented, as constitution, law and morally were being trampled under their feet to crush PTI in order to establish one man rule in the country, rendering the country virtually non-functional.

Raoof stressed the need that the country could only be get out of the current quagmire if all state institutions especially establishment end infringement and started operating within the constitutional limits and ambits.

However, he stated that DG ISPR’s press conference, targeting PTI and seeking apology from PTI for May 9 false flag operation, clearly showed that they did not learn a lesson from history.

He reiterated that PTI was ready for investigation into 2014 sit-in and parliament attack but the judicial commission’s scope should be expanded to probe cipher, regime change operation, assassination attempt on PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan, May 9 incidents, stolen mandate through blatant polls rigging on February 8, audio/video leaks, enforced divorces and political engineering to determine the real factors and expose the plotters of these tragic incidents to bring the truth to the fore.

However, he reminded that on May 9 was observed as a black day but they forgot the actual black chapter of the country’s history when constitution was trampled upon and imposed martial law four times, adding that de facto martial law was even in place for the rest of the time in the country but ever the military rendered apology for these unconstitutional and unlawful acts.

Similarly, Raoof stated that the country was disintegrated on 1971 during martial law regime and those asking for apology from PTI ever rendered apology for the blackest day in history of Pakistan.

PTI CIS asserted that the nation also demanded the release of Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report, Abbottabad Commission Report, Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances and Army Public School Attack Commission Report to unmask the real characters and factors responsible for these tragedies.

Moreover, he stated that three prime ministers were killed in Pakistan but ever responsibility was fixed and the culprits were punished, demanding that these matters should be fairly investigated to punish the wrongdoers.

Reacting to DG ISPR’s comments labeling PTI’s anarchist party, he said that those who dubbed PTI as an anarchist party should remember that Imran Khan cancelled several of his party protest programs whenever he felt that situation might get out of control because his struggle for a haqeeqi azadi.

He said that PTI and Imran Khan were targeted systemically through malicious campaign on May 9 and party leaders and workers, who were peacefully protesting against May false flag operation, were subjected to brazen state operation especially in Punjab, adding that PTI condemned the brutal use of state power on peaceful workers.

He said that Pakistan was in war like situation not because of any external factors but due to internal factors, adding that Punjab police has been converted into a terrorist like outfit due to which the situation could lead to lawlessness, which was evident from transgender action and violence incident in Kashmir.

Raoof stressed that it was time to rethink to ascertain the real factors and to fix the wrong to avoid further degeneration of the country into quagmire.

PTI CIS expressed alarm over IMF report and the alleged delay of a high level delegation visit of a brother country to Pakistan, adding that situation reached to such a level that Pakistan carried begging bowl across the world but of no good.

He quoted an article of Lt. General Tariq, who wrote that Pakistan was being pushed towards denuclearization, which was very concerning.

Raoof stated that at present, all the assets of the country were put on sale so that the country could meet the need of six months, adding that the country could not run like this, adding that they needed to learn a lesson, as the current attitude of establishment was unfortunate, to get the country out of the current untold crises.

Speaking on the occasion, Shaoib Shaheen said that if the decisions of the country were to be made by an individual, then it would be a law of the jungle.

He said that interference in politics was basically breach of the constitution, adding that on February 8, the people made a silent revolution with the power of their vote despite the fact that PTI candidates and workers were subjected to brazen state operation.

He reminded DG ISPR that PTI was leading the electoral race with clear cut two third majority but results were unlawfully and unconstitutional halted to fraudulently convert the PTI candidates’ victory into defeat.

He stated that Anwarul Haq Kakar, Commissioner Rawalpindi and senior politicians’ statements had already exposed the reality of the polls fraud.

PTI leader revealed that three sit-ins held in PTI government but not a single FIR was registered against the protestors. Shoaib criticized ECP for raising question over PTI intra-party elections time and again.

He said that May 9 was a false flag operation because all those who were allegedly declared as main perpetrators were scot free after addressing press conferences.

Shaheen demanded that the circumstance in which Quaid-e-Azam and Fatima Jinnah breathed their last should be investigated, besides probing the murder of Liaqat Ali Khan, judicial murder of Bhutto and killing of Benazir Bhutto to ascertain the factors and to fix responsibility.

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