Pakistan denounces Israeli attack on a refugee camp in Rafah

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan vehemently denounced the Israeli airstrike and targeting of a United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) refugee camp in Rafah located in the Gaza Strip, which caused numerous fatalities.
In an official statement, the foreign ministry stated that attacking individuals who were previously displaced due to Israeli bombardment and were given refuge in a camp is yet another violation of international humanitarian law by the Israeli occupation forces.
“The strike is also a blatant defiance of the additional provisional measures of 24 May 2024 by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) directing Israel to immediately cease its military aggression in Rafah in alignment with its obligations under the Genocide Convention, amidst the deteriorating humanitarian conditions faced by civilians,” the statement noted.
It further mentioned that through these recent actions, the Israeli occupation forces have again exhibited their disregard for international law and the fundamental principles of morality and acceptable international conduct.
“Pakistan reiterates its demand for the immediate and unconditional execution of the ICJ’s orders of 24 May 2024. Steps must be taken to completely safeguard civilians in Gaza, and the Israeli occupation forces must be held responsible for the Gaza genocide. We urge the UN Security Council to fulfill its role in preventing Israel from conducting any more attacks against civilians in Rafah and to take effective actions to protect the people of Gaza,” the statement concluded.

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