ISLAMABAD: General Syed Asim Munir, NI (M), Chief of Army Staff (COAS) presided over 265th Corps Commanders’ Conference (CCC) held at GHQ.
Forum paid rich tribute to the supreme sacrifices of Shuhadas of the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies and the citizens who have laid their lives for peace and stability in the country.
The forum undertook a comprehensive review of internal and external security situation of the country and had detailed discussion on various aspects of “Azm-e-Istehkam”, which is aimed at harnessing the national counter terrorism efforts in a synchronised manner to dismantle the nexus of terrorism and illegal spectrum in the country for enduring stability and economic prosperity. Forum noted with concern the unwarranted criticism by some quarters and deliberate misrepresentation of the vision, only for furthering their vested interests.
The forum also deliberated upon regional security situation, especially Afghanistan and reaffirmed its commitment to regional peace and security.
The forum expressed solidarity with the people of Kashmir and Palestine. Forum condemned serious human rights violations, war crimes and genocide being perpetrated in Kashmir and Gaza.
The forum affirmed that military leadership is cognizant of the full spectrum of the challenges and resolved to shoulder its constitutionally mandated responsibilities with support of the resilient people of Pakistan.
The forum underscored that onslaught of politically motivated digital terrorism, unleashed by conspirators, duly abetted by their foreign cohorts against state institutions is meant to induce despondency in the nation and sow discord through peddling of blatant lies, fake news and propaganda. However, the Armed Forces along with the nation are fully aware of all such machinations and stand united and committed in defeating the notorious designs of the enemies of Pakistan.
Forum reiterated to continue full support of ongoing efforts in uplifting the socioeconomic growth and wholeheartedly assisting the government in curbing all illegal activities which hamper investors’ confidence, economic stability and growth.
Expressing full satisfaction on Army’s commitment to national security, COAS stressed upon maintaining high standards of professionalism and operational preparedness. To conclude, COAS remarked that Pakistan Army has always been fully prepared to thwart all internal and external challenges and play its due role in the stability and prosperity of Pakistan, regardless of the challenges posed.

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