Mohsin Naqvi orders strict action against encroachments

CAPITAL CITY, ISLAMABAD: In a stringent directive, Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi has mandated immediate enforcement measures to eliminate illegal encroachments in the city, as per ARY News coverage.

Swiftly responding to this directive, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) personnel, in collaboration with local governance bodies and law enforcement, have been ordered to neutralize such structures showing zero tolerance and equal treatment to all involved.

The Minister emphasized on executing the operations impartially.

Reacting promptly, CDA Chairman and the Chief Commissioner of Islamabad, Muhammad Ali Randhawa, initiated a campaign to remove obstructions in Islamabad.

During these operations, notorious violators, including a Sangjani Sasing encroachment, were met with decisive action, while another nearby facility was sealed off. A blatantly unauthorized farmhouse, spanning over a 24 kanal piece of land, was also dismantled.

The campaign, spearheaded by the District Commissioner and CDA along with the police force, targeted these unlawful intrusions systematically.

Previously, the Interior Minister put forth a strategy to modernize the Pakistan Coast Guards in a bid to staunchly combat smuggling activities.

While touring the Pakistan Coast Guards Headquarters in Karachi, the Minister was briefed on the operational functions and ongoing endeavors of the coast guards to staunch smuggling ventures, with a particular focus on thwarting narcotic trade.

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