Missing four-year-old Ayesha recovered after months in Karachi

KARACHI: Following her disappearance from the central hub of Numaish roundabout on August 14, 2023, four-year-old Ayesha was safely found in the neighborhood of Surjani Town in Karachi, according to a Sunday bulletin by ARY news.

The police revealed in their official announcement that Ayesha had been living with a family in the Surjani Town district of the city.

The young girl’s mother, together with the household who had unofficially adopted Ayesha for nearly three to four months, appeared at Azizabad Police Station to confirm the child’s presence.

Her original family suspects that the household in Surjani Town, where she was found, had taken and unlawfully retained her.

Concerns were raised by the girl’s relatives that during her stay with this household, Ayesha faced neglect, experiencing scarcity of adequate nourishment and clothing, with fears arising that there were plans to actually sell the child.

In a shocking turn, the girl’s mother received an anonymous phone tip that led to the discovery of her daughter’s location.

In a similar vein, a young girl from Hyderabad who had vanished was located by Sindh police within Karachi’s bustling Lighthouse area.

Upon discovery, it was reported that the girl had been communicating with a young man from Karachi via social platforms. Authorities detained both the young man and woman in the Lighthouse district.

According to the young man’s admission, the female from Hyderabad had journeyed solo to the Saddar district of Karachi of her own volition. Expressing his intentions, the detained male stated his desire to marry the girl had been genuine but they preferred to seek their families’ approval first.

After the girl went missing, her family lodged a complaint at the Hyderabad market police station, prompting the formation of a dedicated investigative team.

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