Massive fire at family entertainment venue in India’s Rajkot kills 27

A devastating inferno erupted on Saturday night at a bustling family fun center in the city of Rajkot, Gujarat, with the death toll reaching 27, including several children, confirmed a state official.

As reported by Reuters, emergency teams are actively conducting rescue operations in the area within the Rajkot district.

Mayor Nayana Pedhadiya pledged determined efforts to save lives and declared that those accountable for the calamity would face stringent penalties.

Media footage depicted the TRP game zone being ravaged by fierce flames, while dense smoke billowed from the location.

As per the local civil hospital’s police representative, a number of casualties were so severely burnt that identification proved difficult.

On platform X, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his sorrow via a social media update, noting the local government’s endeavors to support the impacted victims.

“The tragedy in Rajkot has left me deeply upset. My condolences are with everyone mourning the loss of their beloved ones,” Modi conveyed in his message.

While the origin of the fire remains unknown, IV Kher, the chief fire officer of the district, informed Reuters that the cause is under investigation.

The Gujarat Chief Minister, Bhupendra Patel, has delegated the probe to a Special Investigation Team. Additionally, broadcast news has reported the Rajkot police’s apprehension of two individuals linked to the event.

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