Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Chief Minister Ali Amin Gandapur criticsed Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, saying, “Our ancestors freed us from the British, and we will free ourselves from these looters. If Maryam Nawaz continues to oppress people in Punjab, K-P will go to Punjab to support the people.”
Addressing a protest rally organised by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in Mansehra, he issued a stern warning to Pervez Khattak, stating that if he testifies against Imran Khan as an approver, he will not be allowed to stay in K-P. 
“If Pervez Khattak decides to testify against Imran Khan or makes any statement, living in this province will become impossible for him,” he added.
Gandapur cautioned, “Fear the day when Imran Khan gives the call, your future generations will remember it. If Imran Khan loses confidence in the institutions, we will take justice and our rights into our own hands.” He added, “I proclaim that Bajwa is a traitor, and anyone who acts like Bajwa will be called a traitor. ”
The CM urged the institutions not to interfere in this political struggle, emphasising that Imran Khan is peaceful for the sake of the country and the nation. “The day Imran Khan calls us, we will come out in full force. The penalty for breaking the Constitution is death, and we will punish those who break the Constitution according to the law,” he warned.
He reiterated, “The day we believe that justice will not be served, and we take the law into our own hands, let’s see who stands in our way. People should not thank me for developmental work, as it is their right. Thank me when I bring Imran Khan back among the people.”
Gandapur appealed to the judiciary for justice, saying, “If the chief justice cannot provide justice, he should recuse himself from our cases. This country, obtained by our ancestors, belongs to all of us. The atrocities being committed against our party are unprecedented in the world.”
The CM further criticised the oppression against PTI, attributing it to Imran Khan’s refusal to accept subjugation, and his stand for national sovereignty and the supremacy of Islam. 
“We do not want to remain enslaved; we want freedom. If we are not given freedom, we will take it by force, and we will hold accountable every single day of Imran Khan’s unjust imprisonment.” He further vowed, “I swear that in the movement for Imran Khan’s release, I will take the first bullet.”

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