‘Mandate thieves’ attempts to politicize atomic program condemnable: PTI

PTI Representative appeals to nation to honor legitimate benefactors rather than lionizing a ‘cowardly fugitive’

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has vehemently denounced the nefarious attempts by the mandate usurpers and their cronies to politicize the country’s nuclear program, which is a national treasure secured by the nation through immense sacrifices and hardships. PTI Representative underscored the importance of eliminating the stranglehold of personal autocracy from the constitution, democracy, public mandate, and the economy, instead of compromising the national agreement on the nuclear program for the despicable political machinations of a felon.

He strongly repudiated the ludicrous proclamations by sycophants, asserting that the Cherry Blossom regime was striving to leverage the nuclear program for their political gains. PTI Representative furiously criticized the wasteful and lavish use of public funds to burnish the image of a broadly repudiated and cowardly escapee, who was trying to exploit the national nuclear program for his ridiculous and self-serving political publicity campaign.

He remarked that Pakistan’s nuclear program was a significant national treasure, acquired through the nation’s sacrifices. Commending the scientists for empowering Pakistan with nuclear capability, PTI Representative clarified that the program’s fruition was a result of the diligent, industrious, and patriotic scientists under the steadfast leadership of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan. He insisted that the nation should honor these genuine benefactors rather than lionizing the cowardly fugitive.

PTI Representative called for those who had scapegoated late Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan under international duress to seek pardon from Mohsin-e-Pakistan. He recalled that individuals close to the shameless character—who manipulated politics through deals and disgraceful agreements—had previously narrated stories regarding the nuclear program. PTI Representative mentioned that the late foreign minister of his cabinet Gauhar Ayub Khan highlighted this cowardice in his memoir, while numerous interviews with Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan could serve as open proof of his cowardice.

PTI Representative noted that when India conducted nuclear tests, the cowardly runaway from Jati Umra had trembling limbs and rapidly declining platelet counts, hiding under the Prime Minister’s desk for two weeks. He reminded that this self-serving individual and his cronies waited for two weeks to extract dollars from foreign patrons. Nonetheless, he observed that the unified nation pressured the insolent individual, demanding a reciprocal response to India’s aggressive action.

PTI Representative said that only after clear warnings from the nation did the cowardly and greedy person have no alternative but to perform nuclear tests. He warned that the latest disgraceful deal by the current constitutional violators with this immoral individual, who perpetually compromised national interests, posed a significant challenge for national integrity and security. PTI Representative highlighted that the plummeting economy has become a continuous threat to national integrity and security. He emphasized that PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan and PTI safeguard national interests and will combat the corrupt and tyrannical regime to the very end.

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