K-Electric warns of power cut to Sindh govt over unpaid dues

KARACHI: On Saturday, K-Electric alerted the Sindh government offices that it might cut off their power supply due to unpaid bills that have accumulated into billions, as disclosed by ARY News with reference to insiders.

Insiders have unveiled that both the Sindh government and the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB), since January, have yet to settle their accounts with K-Electric

K-Electric is facing an economic bind as a direct consequence of these overdue accounts, which is hampering the company’s ability to maintain its network infrastructure.

The power provider has made appeals through written correspondence to influential figures, including the Sindh’s Finance Secretary and Karachi’s Mayor, to address the late payments without further delay.

Just in May alone, K-Electric had to send out a total of five reminders pressing for the immediate clearance of the pending dues.

The Karachi Water and Sewerage Board is reportedly responsible for a whopping 5 billion rupees of the debt.

K-Electric communicated a clear caution: without swift payment resolution, the city’s electrical infrastructure might collapse, causing extended power interruptions throughout the metropolis.

Recently, to tackle these power supply issues, K-Electric and the Sindh government agreed to create a cooperative committee in Karachi.

A critical meeting convened today saw conversations between the Sindh Government and K-Electric focused on electricity provision and the prevalent load shedding problem in Karachi.

Emanating its energy concerns through Energy Minister Nasir Hussain Shah, and K-Electric through CEO Moonis Alvi alongside top management, the meeting set the stage for cooperative endeavor.

The consensus from the meeting was to inaugurate a joint committee with members from the Sindh Government and K-Electric. This committee is tasked with the mandate to ameliorate the load shedding discomfort, hasten the electricity bill payments, and strategize to minimize load shedding while ensuring that the city does not suffer from power cuts.

Moonis Alvi, while emphasizing K-Electric’s devotion to serving the citizens especially during the sweltering heatwave, stressed that a continual power supply hinges on the timely settlement of electricity bills.

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