Imran Khan to choose jail instead of striking any deal, says PTI’s Arif Alvi

“No concessions will sway the PTI leader,” emphasizes the former head of state

Dr. Arif Alvi speaks at the district bar in Sialkot on May 11, 2024, as seen in this video still from Geo News.
  • Alvi advocates for a “constitutional” remedy to the country’s political turmoil.
  • “Imran Khan remains undaunted in detention,” notes Alvi after visiting him.
  • Former president calls for resolving political conflicts through conversation.

In response to rumors of covert negotiations, former president and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) stalwart Dr. Arif Alvi declared on Saturday that Imran Khan would rather remain in custody than engage in any negotiations.

Alvi stressed the importance of dialogue as a means to bridge political divides.

In a speech to the Sialkot district bar, the ex-president reminisced about his longstanding acquaintance with Khan, who, according to Alvi, has consistently placed the constitution above all else.

During a visit with the jailed Khan, Alvi recounted asking if the situation had reached a deadlock, to which Khan expressed confidence in finding a resolution to the ongoing political crisis.

Alvi observed no trace of apprehension on Khan’s visage during his prison visit, mentioning that Khan had spurned “numerous offers.”

Khan remained resolute that a “constitutional” approach is necessary to quell the political unpredictability, advocating that dialogue is the remaining viable path and underscoring the notion that “civilians should be at the helm in Pakistan,” asserted Alvi.

Alvi described the current PML-N-led coalition as an “unintentional form of democracy” in Pakistan.

Touching on the disturbances of May 9, Alvi cautioned against hasty attributions of blame, mentioning that PTI possesses “proof” related to the events.

Alvi expressed PTI’s welcome of the upcoming high-level visits from Saudi Arabian delegates and their endorsement of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

According to him, all parties are aiming to uplift the national economy despite the transient challenges, which he believes will dissipate with the advent of “constructive leadership.”

Referring to recent judicial tensions, Alvi highlighted that the nation’s gaze is firmly on the apex court, following the expression of dissent by six judges over alleged meddling in judicial matters.

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