Imran accused of selling 10 more valuable gifts

An investigative report has unearthed fresh allegations against the jailed ex-prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader, Imran Khan, concentrating on his alleged unauthorized retention and sale of 10 expensive gifts with a worth totaling millions of rupees.

Imran Khan, alongside his spouse Bushra Bibi, is entangled in multiple legal disputes pertaining to the Toshakhana, the official depository for state gifts. Their convictions, resulting in 14 years of imprisonment, were halted by the Islamabad High Court in April.

In light of these events, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) initiated a renewed probe into the allegations involving Khan and the former first lady and their dealings with the Toshakhana.

The NAB has taken procedural steps by issuing notices for Khan and Bushra to appear for questioning and has communicated with the deputy superintendent of Adiala Jail to facilitate their involvement in the inquiry earlier this month.

As reported by Express News, the latest charges refer to the undisclosed possession and subsequent sale of seven luxury watches, among them a high-value Graff watch, as well as sets of gold and diamond jewelry. These items were allegedly sold without official declaration to the Toshakhana as legally required.

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The reported transactions flout regulations which stipulate that all gifts exceeding a value of Rs30,000 should be declared and stored with the designated state gift depository.

It has also emerged that the aforementioned Graff watch, with an estimated worth of Rs101 million, was sold without appropriate registration. Furthermore, the buyer was provided with an undervalued price assessment, below the actual market value of the timepiece.

An authority within the investigation disclosed that the undervaluation was conducted by a private entity, which failed to liaise with the treasury prior to selling the watch. This act, the official mentioned, constitutes a blatant legal breach.

Despite these irregularities, the treasury was remunerated with 20% of the watch’s sale value, equaling Rs20.1 million, in line with deposit requirements.

These charges mark yet another controversy involving the former leader, who has faced numerous accusations of corruption and power abuse during his time in office.

Khan has consistently refuted these claims, asserting that the presents were symbols of goodwill presented to him and that he had no intention of profiting from their sale.

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