Govt likely to surge power tariff by Rs 3.49

ISLAMABAD: An upward adjustment in electricity rates is expected as the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) has proposed a Rs 3.49 per unit rise due to the fuel charges adjustment (FCA) for the month of April 2024, as per ARY News releases on Monday.

The proposal for this increase has been put forward by the CPPA on behalf of the electric power distribution firms (DISCOs), addressed to the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA).

In response, NEPRA has arranged a public hearing on the matter for May 30, 2024. Should the proposal receive approval, electricity users can expect to see this hike reflected in their billing statements for June.

The CPPA, in its request, noted the absence of electricity production from furnace oil or diesel throughout April. Instead, the primary sources of power included water, contributing 22.96 percent, and local coal, responsible for 10.19 percent of the generated electricity.

The document submitted by CPPA also highlighted that 24.97 percent of the electricity production relied on domestic gas, while imported LNG only accounted for 11.28 percent.

Additionally, the report indicates that operational nuclear plants were responsible for supplying 23.64 percent of the total power produced in April.

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