FIA seeks access to PTI founder over ‘controversial’ social media posts

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cybercrime Division on Thursday drafted a letter to the authorities, requesting access to an imprisoned PTI originator to inquire about ‘inflammatory’ content from his social media X handle.
The letter emphasized that anti-state propaganda was spread through the official social media account of the PTI originator, specifically targeting institutions, especially the Pakistan Army.
The video shared on May 26 intended to twist facts, incite insubordination among officers and soldiers, and foment disorder within various state institutions.
The FIA Cybercrime Division pointed out that this video clearly breaches the PICA Act 2016 and is seeking access to the PTI originator in prison for further probing.
Earlier on, PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar Ali Khan responded to an ‘inflammatory’ tweet from party originator Imran Khan’s “X” (previously Twitter) account.
Speaking to media, Barrister Gohar stated that the PTI originator ‘was unaware’ of the contents of the post from his account.
“Occasionally, things are done excessively. In the post, the 1971 scenario was referenced solely in the context of the political situation,” the PTI chairman mentioned.
Dismissing the notion of ‘dragging’ the army into the issue, he remarked that the PTI originator cannot oversee the video editing process of each of his posts.
“The PTI originator had provided the guidelines for the posts within the context of the political situation,” Barrister Gohar commented.
He explained that the essence of the posts is primarily about converting the majority into a minority under political conditions.
“In the post, it was clarified how a leader was disqualified and certain seats were taken,” Barrister Gohar elaborated.

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