ECC likely to green-light $2.58m package for Chinese workers killed in Besham attack

  • Proposal also includes Rs2.5m for Pakistani victim of the same assault
  • Funds to be conveyed through Pakistan embassy in Beijing to bereaved families

ISLAMABAD: The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) is anticipated to sanction a financial package of $2.58 million for relatives of Chinese personnel who perished in the Besham tragedy on March 26.

High-ranking officials within the Cabinet Division have indicated that the anticipated approval of this financial recompense is set for the forthcoming session of the ECC.

The approval is based on recommendations from the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC), which considered factors such as GDP per capita and purchasing power parity in its assessment.

In addition, the IMC has suggested similarly allocating a sum of Rs2.5 million for a Pakistani national who lost their life in the identical occurrence.

It has been revealed by a reliable source that the ECC’s secretariat is deliberating on the proposed $2.58 million to be granted to the five Chinese staff members of China Gezhouba. This company has been involved with the Dasu Hydropower project operations.

The designated compensation will be deposited into the account of Pakistan’s embassy in Beijing, from where it will be duly dispersed to the families of the deceased workers.

This recommendation by the IMC comes nearly two months following the violent Besham incident that resulted in the demise of six individuals—five Chinese engineers and one Pakistani—engaged with the Dasu Dam project.

The tragedy unfolded as a vehicle containing explosives rammed into a bus ferrying the aforementioned Chinese workforce on the Karakoram Highway, in the vicinity of Besham.

In the aftermath of this heinous attack, various Chinese corporations halted construction at the Dasu and Diamer-Bhasha Dam sites citing security apprehensions.

Subsequently, nearly 991 Chinese engineers affiliated with these projects were instructed to cease activities, while local colleagues were advised to refrain from work until additional guidance was provided.

Lin Jian, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, condemned the attack as an overt sabotage attempt against the Sino-Pakistani alliance.

Despite the incident, the spokesperson reasserted China’s determination to continue its collaborative endeavors with Pakistan across different sectors.

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