‘Dancing horses don’t win races’, Kundi laughs off Gandapur’s warning

KP’s high-ranking official jests at political rival’s Governor House obsession, implying it’s a case for medical treatment

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor H.E. Faisal Karim Kundi (left) with Chief Minister The Honorable Ali Amin Khan Gandapur. — X/@GovernmentKP/Radio Pakistan/File
  • Kundi urges protection for judges in CM’s area
  • Emphasizes the dire need to address deteriorating public safety
  • “Prepare for a modest accommodation,” Gandapur cautions Kundi

The verbal sparring between Kundi and Gandapur escalates, with Kundi poignantly noting that “show horses are not the ones that cross the finish line first.”

The friction between the federal and the provincial representatives started heating up earlier in the week following dismissive remarks about the governor’s swearing-in event. The Chief Minister of KP branded the ceremony as needless.

Today, CM Gandapur cautioned Governor Kundi against provocative statements and political clashes given his ceremonial duties. Kundi responded that he sought no dispute between the federal and provincial governments.

Addressing the security issues in the province, Kundi emphasized on restoring tranquility, particularly in his district of Dera Ismail Khan.

The governor criticized the government’s ability to safeguard the judiciary after reports of judges being kidnapped in the CM’s district.

Highlighting a recent event, Kundi referred to the abduction of Judge Shakirullah Marwat and the alleged ransom paid for his release.

The law enforcement’s operation in Kulachi, DI Khan, was claimed to lead to the judge’s rescue.

‘You Might End Up in a Modest Abode’

Kundi took a jab at Gandapur upon the latter’s admission of conceding to pay protection money for crop safety.

“Performing horses are no guarantee of success – that’s what I mean to say.”

Mocking the Chief Minister’s alleged phobia of the Governor’s residence, Kundi suggested that such afflictions are best treated in a medical facility.

Kundi’s comment was a retort to Gandapur’s earlier statement threatening him over aggressive rhetoric.

Gandapur previously expressed to his followers that they would take over government residences if necessary, as only the will of the people reigns supreme.

In his rebuttal, Kundi assured he could defend the Governor’s House if challenged.

‘Will Haul CM Gandapur through the Streets’

“If he is up for a mock exercise, I’m game as well. In this city, he won’t find the open roads he’s used to. I’ll make sure he is held accountable in the streets,” Kundi stated about the Chief Minister at a recent public engagement.

Kundi also cautioned the Chief Minister about his conduct and words. “I’m quite adept at handling troublemakers of your sort.”

Meanwhile, Gandapur doubled down, calling Kundi’s position illegitimate and reminding him to avoid politics.

“At present, the Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa holds no sway,” Gandapur claimed, insinuating that the Governor’s lifestyle is dependent on provincial government resources.

“You’ll be left without even the luxury of transportation, nor will the Governor’s House continue under your possession,” he threatened, proposing to redesignate it as a heritage museum for the public.

Gandapur’s parting words to Kundi were a call to observe his constitutional boundaries. “The Governor has neither status nor practical role in the province at present.”

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