CM Gandapur slams Centre on ‘high power tariff, worst load-shedding’ in KP

Provincial chief executive also vows to launch interest-free loan programme for jobless youth

  • We will not remain silent on this injustice: CM Gandapur.
  • Says Centre has to clear KP’s Rs1.51 trillion power dues. 
  • I am not seeking charity for our people, CM tells Centre.

Lambasting the Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif-led federal government over expensive electricity and “worst load-shedding”, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s outspoken Chief Minister Ali Amin Khan Gandapur on Friday asked the Centre to pay its KP dues.

Speaking at a press conference in DI Khan, the provincial chief executive said: “Electricity is being supplied to our people at high rates.”

“It would be their mistake if they [Centre] think that we will remain silent on this injustice,” he warned.

Moving on to the economic challenges and the upcoming first budget of the CM Gandapur-led government, the proviral chief executive said: “There is a deficit of more than Rs450 billion.”

The federal government had to clear KP’s Rs1.51 trillion dues under Net Hydel Profit, he added.

“In the [previous] PTI’s term, electricity was being provided at Rs15 per unit. [But] now, the utility’s rate is Rs65 per unit and it is not even available.”           

“I am not seeking charity for our people,” he told the federal government.

The KP CM, in March, warned the federal government that his province would move the court of law to recover dues from the Centre.    

KP had fully restored the free treatment facility on Sehat Insaf Card across the province, the CM said, adding that they were making efforts to improve healthcare facilities at the public hospitals.    

He announced that they were working on new projects to produce cheap electricity, adding that the power generated by the projects would be supplied to the province.

The KP chief minister noted that those who give and take bribes were equally guilty. He vowed to eliminate the culture of corruption from the institution and warned of strict punishment for those found involved in corrupt practices.

“I will not transfer anyone, but will fire,”

In a bid to facilitate the masses, the chief minister said that they would launch an interest-free loan programme for jobless youth.

“The individual will be sent to jail if found involved in the misuse of the loan.”

Responding to a question about the next budget, the KP CM said: “It will be people-friendly.”

To another query, the chief minister said that the government would introduce a new system to tackle the menace of drugs.

“Drug tests would be conducted at the educational institutions.”

The chief minister said that the provincial government would legislate to hand down the death penalty to those involved in ice and heroin peddling.

‘Don’t take me easy’

Last week, KP CM Gandapur threatened to march towards Islamabad if the “Centre does not clear” his province’s dues soon.

Addressing an event in KP, the firebrand PTI leader had said: “They [centre] are making a mistake by denying the rights of the province.”

The provincial chief executive had added that when he would take to the streets, all the people of the province would be behind him.

“Clear the dues of my province as soon as possible, otherwise nobody will even thank you,” he told the federal government in Islamabad.

“I will ask the federal government not to take me easy.”

Gandapur was of the view that KP should be given its due rights, as the province shares its resources with the entire country.

He had also said that he would take the rights of his province from the federal government at all costs. “We will not let you sit in peace until our right is not given.”

The chief minister urged the federal government to redress the grievances of his province.

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