CJP orders precious gift to be deposited in Toshakhana

The Supreme Court’s Chief Justice, Qazi Faez Isa, has mandated the safekeeping of a significant token into the Toshakhana, a secure vault where gifts to state officials are stored.

The honorary writing instrument known as the ‘Baab-e-Kaaba’ pen was conveyed to Justice Isa by Dr. Mohammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, the leading figure of the Muslim World League.

Honorable Isa has instructed that this pen is to be conserved in the Toshakhana, and he has voiced a desire for it to be showcased in the halls of the Supreme Court Museum.

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An official communication was sent from Justice Isa’s office to the authority overseeing the cabinet division. With a nod from the country’s premier, the cabinet division gave the green light for the pen to be placed on exhibit at the Supreme Court Museum.

The ‘Baab-e-Kaaba’ pen was officially handed over to Chief Justice Isa by Dr. Al-Issa as a gesture during a meeting dated April 8. Dr. Al-Issa showed his consent for the pen’s placement in the Supreme Court Museum for public admiration.

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