Chinese envoy explores future of Pakistan-China strategic collaboration

The Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Jiang Zaidong, has shed light on the emerging partnership potentials between the two nations, underpinned by the “new quality productive forces” concept.

Jiang stated that this idea, set forth by China’s President Xi Jinping in the fall of 2023, marries innovation with technological and industrial development to catalyze sustainable economic advancement.

At the heart of President Xi’s strategy is the belief that innovation drives forward progress. The push for the integration of scientific and technological advancements aims to boost productivity and foster the birth of fresh economic sectors.

The ambassador explained, “Innovation is at the heart of new quality productive forces which are distinguished by superior quality and spearheaded by leading-edge productivity.”

Such a strategy is in sync with China’s dedication to high-caliber development, as demonstrated by its robust economic performance, which achieved a GDP of over 126 trillion yuan ($17.51 trillion) in 2023 and maintained a strong growth rate of 5.2% among leading global economies.

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With 2024 marking the 75th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, Ambassador Jiang provided insights into China’s directional focus. Aiming for a GDP growth of about 5%, China is concentrating on modernizing its industrial sphere and reinforcing new quality productive forces.

Ambassador Jiang emphasizes China’s stalwart position as a global economic leader with the capacity to drive progressive change. This vision not only strengthens China’s economic prominence but also paves the way for cooperative international growth, acknowledging Pakistan as a steadfast ally.

Pakistan stands to gain significantly from this alliance. Ambassador Jiang pointed out Pakistan’s strategic significance, its demographic capabilities, and its resource wealth, all signposts to its latent development trajectory. By syncing Pakistan’s own “5Es” plan with China’s blueprint, pathways towards sovereign progress and enduring advancement could be forged.

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The essence of the China-Pakistan partnership is deeply rooted in the success of the first phase of CPEC, which has already shown benefits in sustainable energy, digital technologies, and life sciences. Moving into the second phase, both nations are focused on elevating their cooperative efforts, utilizing Pakistan’s strengths to nurture self-reliance and enduring progress.

Reflecting on the orderly transition of Pakistan’s new government, Ambassador Jiang acknowledges its ongoing reformative efforts. China affirms its steadfast support for Pakistan, keen to carry out high-level agreements made between both nations.

To conclude, Ambassador Jiang reiterated China’s commitment to working with Pakistan to actualize agreed-upon strategies, merging the visions of CPEC’s “Five Corridors” with Pakistan’s “5Es,” reinforcing the China-Pakistan bond and ushering in an era of mutual peace, prosperity, and balanced collaboration.

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