BSEK rejects new schedule circulating on social media for matric exams

A glimpse of students taking an examination. The photo’s date is not mentioned. — APP

Karachi’s educational authorities have decided to put off the ongoing matriculation examinations due to the heatwave advisory. The Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) is tasked with announcing a revised schedule shortly.

Exams initially set to take place between May 21 and May 27 were postponed as a precautionary measure to protect pupils from extreme temperatures, explained BSEK’s exam controller, Khalid Ehsan.

Rescheduling information that has appeared on various social networks and messaging platforms is misleading, Ehsan emphasized, dismissing the shared timetables as unofficial.

The BSEK will provide a new timetable for the remaining matric exams promptly, Ehsan reassured. Pending are a pair of tests each for students of grades nine and ten.

In the same vein, the Universities and Boards Department had shifted the timeline of exams under the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK), initially scheduled to commence on May 22. The decision was made with the intent to avoid overlaps with the expected heatwave, and the exams are now delayed by five days until May 27.

Contrary to prior concerns, Chief Meteorologist Sardar Sarfaraz indicated on Monday that Karachi would not experience a heatwave in the coming week.

“The city is benefiting from the sea breeze, so the threat of a heatwave is reduced,” he reassured during an interview with a local television channel.

Sarfaraz further advised that the hot weather could persist over the next ten days, with temperature forecasts ranging between 36℃ to 38℃. Additionally, he noted that the heat would come with varying degrees of humidity.

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