BISP cautions beneficiaries against fake messages

Rubina Khalid, BISP Chairperson, oversees operations at a Swabi payment center, May 24, 2024. X/@bisp_pakistan

The Benazir Income Support Programme’s leader, Rubina Khalid, on Saturday, earnestly warned all programme recipients to disregard any suspicious text messages that do not originate from BISP’s verified number, “8171”.

Rubina Khalid articulated this message with conviction to a group of women at one of BISP’s Peshawar payment facilities. She emphasized that they should only acquire their monetary support from official venues and be wary of any alternate contact—signs of potentially unscrupulous attempts to deceive.

The Chairperson declared an exact disbursal of Rs 10,500 for each quarterly segment of the Benazir Kafaalat aid, and encouraged the women to make sure they receive the complete amount and obtain a transaction receipt from the bank.

Khalid counseled those facing any reduction in funds or misconduct by personnel to instantly lodge a complaint through BISP’s dedicated support line at 080026477.

Additionally, Khalid conducted a thorough assessment of the disbursement activities at the Tamash Stadium and the UC20 office payment sites in Peshawar, observing the facilities and services offered there.

At these venues, she directed the staff to give preferential treatment to senior women and those with small children, ensuring they are fully informed about their funds when collecting their tokens.

The importance of cleanliness and general betterment of the environment for these women was also spotlighted by Khalid. She voiced strong expectations for the dignified and considerate treatment of the women, declaring a zero-tolerance approach to any disrespectful behavior.

In closing, she called upon the staff to embrace integrity and dedication in their roles.

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