Ahsan reviews preparations for PM’s upcoming China visit

ISLAMABAD: In an effort to finalize the itinerary for the Prime Minister’s forthcoming journey to China, Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives presided over a meeting on Monday that also scrutinized the advancements in the second phase of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Key planners, including the Planning Secretary and high-level management from the Planning Ministry, convened to review the strategy, as per the details from an official press announcement.

During his recent trip to China, the minister examined the anticipated milestones for the CPEC’s second phase, and has been conducting briefings on the agendas and logistics for the prospective high-level JCC discussions expected to occur the following week.

Ministry representatives offered in-depth updates on active and prospective initiatives that are under deliberation across different government segments.

Ahsan Iqbal stated that the Prime Minister’s trip to China would focus heavily on pushing forward existing and envisioned initiatives under the umbrella of CPEC’s second stage.

“The collective efforts of all ministries and departments are indispensable for the fruition of CPEC-related undertakings,” he remarked.

He conveyed that significant developments on the ML-1 railway endeavor would signify a breakthrough for the communication and trade sectors of Pakistan, also accentuating high-level collaboration with China in diverse areas, such as technology acquisition, being paramount for the government.

Furthermore, he underscored that technology sharing with China would grant Pakistan vital chances to fortify its competencies and expertise. He elaborated that Phase 2 would herald the onset of business collaborations in addition to the existing bilateral government interactions.

According to the minister, the dual model of Government-to-Government and Business-to-Business engagement would substantially elevate the strategic partnership between Pakistan and China. “China stands with a clear vision and strategic framework, and it is crucial that we, too, advance with a robust perspective for national progression,” asserted Ahsan Iqbal, emphasizing Pakistan’s pivotal role in regional cooperation and international relations.

“With the Prime Minister’s impending visit, we are poised to usher in a transformative era of multifaceted cooperation, including our joint ventures in CPEC,” Ahsan projected.

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