Accusing police of tampering, PTI rejects FIR of attack on party’s spokesperson

  • Omar Ayub and Raoof Hassan express concerns over police-filed FIR, demanding inquiry
  • Senate hears from Law Minister about formation of an investigation committee into the attack

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has formally announced its rejection of the FIR filed by Islamabad police regarding the assault on its Central Information Secretary Raoof Hasan, which took place adjacent to a news channel’s premises the previous day.

In a media briefing in Islamabad, PTI General Secretary Omar Ayub impugned the police-crafted FIR, asserting that the document was doctored and did not accurately illustrate Hasan’s account as detailed in his original complaint.

While addressing the seriousness of the onslaught, Law Minister Azam Nazeer Tarar communicated to the Senate about the constitution of a committee to delve into the assault on PTI’s Raoof Hasan.

Concurrently, the FIR, including charges of homicide and attempted homicide, was recorded, and a dedicated police investigation team was instituted to scrutinize the incident.

Post-assault reports from the capital’s police outlined that Hasan suffered a facial laceration from a blade attack, with eyewitnesses allegedly pointing fingers at an assembly of transgender individuals as the attackers.

A spokesperson for the police narrated that the attack unfolded as Hasan exited a TV channel’s office post his program appearance. Medical support was promptly sought at a hospital where police also secured a medico-legal report.

Ayub denounced the existing FIR and proposed the establishment of a judicial commission to take over the case’s examination.

“Raoof Hassan’s testimony clearly narrates the sequence of events,” Ayub stated. “We outright reject and deplore the FIR lodged by Islamabad Police. It indicates a deliberate distortion of the incident by the police force.

“We question who influenced the Islamabad police’s drafting of this FIR, which fails to even mention the term ‘terrorism’.

“This attempt on Hassan’s life was unmistakably a terrorist act. The FIR has been manipulated to thwart the investigation. A judicial commission should be immediately formed by the judiciary.”

Ayub referred to accusations from six Islamabad High Court judges regarding interference in judiciary matters by security agencies earlier in March to suggest similar meddling in Hasan’s case.

“You may recall the six judges’ communique to the Supreme Judicial Council, indicating harassment of judges’ families by security forces, including the ISI,” he remarked.

Moreover, Hasan speculated that the assault was an element of the government’s broader campaign against PTI and its leaders. “Our party’s and the media’s suppression in the past two years are well evident,” he claimed.

“Subsequent to Imran Khan’s removal from the office of Prime Minister, state authorities have resorted to unprecedented levels of aggression against PTI and its members, unmatched in the South Asian context.”

Despite ongoing requests from PTI for justice regarding the May 9 incidents through thorough inquiries, a judicial commission hasn’t seen the light of the day, mentioned Hasan.

Hasan, establishing that the assault followed a “thoroughly concocted plan,” mentioned crosspaths with the same alleged transgender individuals the preceding day.

“They exhibited well-toned physiques, distinct from transgenders. The transgender community itself has refuted any associations with them,” he commented, conveying the threats to his life he received during the ordeal.

Turning to the state’s powerful factions, Hasan voiced, “Your actions have resulted in disrepute. Reflect upon the public’s sentiment on social media. Consider the failings and make amends rather than perpetuating the issues. Heed the democratic mandate and help establish a democratic governance.”

Notwithstanding the critiques, an Islamabad police statement assured a meticulous process in the ongoing probe, affirming the FIR was raised in harmony with Hasan’s endorsed submission.

The statement added that a special team, headed by the Senior Superintendent of Police (Investigation), was tasked to carry the case to a just conclusion.

FIR Details

The official documentation identifies the scene of the incident at approximately 5:30 pm near the GNN news channel office in Islamabad’s G7 sector. It outlines how four persons, ostensibly transgender, accosted Hasan and assaulted him with a blade, posing life-threatening injuries.

Hasan recounts his defensive response to the attack as he incurred a significant facial wound from the blade, bleeding profusely while the attackers menaced his life, eventually fleeing when people converged on the scene.

Government Ensures Investigation of PTI’s Hasan Assault

Law Minister Azam Nazeer Tarar has reported the formation of a committee to probe into the assault on PTI’s Information Secretary Raoof Hasan.

Apart from the creation of the FIR inclusive of grave offenses, a police detective squad has been activated for in-depth analysis.

In a Senate brief, the law minister lamented the attack on the senior political figure, remarking such instances should not transpire.

“The government is profoundly probing the assault against Raoof Hasan,” Tarar expressed at the Senate assembly.

Around four people, perceived as transgender, were reported to have inflicted injuries upon the PTI spokesperson in Islamabad earlier in the week, sparking strong reproof from the concerned party.

However, the rationale behind the transgender individuals’ attack on the politician remains speculative.

Corresponding video content released by PTI showed Hasan seeking medical aid, with observable injuries and blood on his visage as he entered a building.

Today’s Senate meeting also had Tarar reveal that the Islamabad Police Inspector General Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi has requisitioned a full report on the incident.

The law minister went on to divulge that Hasan’s own recount acknowledged a similar confrontation involving the same individuals a week before, which he initially dismissed as insignificant.

“Eyewitness accounts corroborate with Raoof Hasan on his confrontation with transgender individuals,” the law minister explained.

Tarar underlined that footage of the episode has been directed to forensic laboratories for examination.

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