Namaz Timings in Lahore | Today and Monthly Fajar, Dohar … Isha Time

Today Namaz Timings in Lahore

Today in Lahore the Fajr Namaz time will start from [fajr_prayer] and Sunrise will be on [sunrise], Moving forward Dohar Namaz time is on [zuhr_prayer], Asar Namaz time is [asr_prayer], Magrib Namaz is on [maghrib_prayer], and lastly Isha Namaz time starts from [isha_prayer] and then it will last to the next day’s Fajar Namaz starting time.

Monthly Namaz Timings in Lahore

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These Namaz Timings in Lahore are based on the predictions of the University of Islamic Sciences, Karach. These are according to fiqh Hanfi and it is also angle based.