Vishwatma actor Sonam Khan set to make a comeback, would prefer OTT project over Bollywood films

Once a prominent name in Indian cinema with notable roles in Tridev, Ajooba, and Vishwatma, the renowned actress Sonam Khan is now eyeing a return to acting after departing the industry 15 years ago to reside in Switzerland and prioritize her family life. With aspirations for her acting resurgence, Khan has expressed a preference for roles on OTT platforms.

Sonam Khan

“Movies are not on my radar right now,” she shares. “My interest lies in OTT content, which eschews the traditional hero-heroine dynamic in favor of integral characters that drive the story. I find OTT to be more embracing, offering age-appropriate narratives unlike some Bollywood productions.”

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Khan praises streaming services not only for their diverse content and the roles on offer but also for the fresh perspectives they bring to storytelling and character development. The prospect of returning to acting is something she looks forward to with great enthusiasm.

“OTT platforms allow you to present authentic selves. In the content I’ve seen, women are portrayed in their true light. Look at Manisha Koirala in Heeramandi, for instance; her performance is stunning, leading her to dominate the screen. This depth of character is what I find truly enticing in OTT,” she observes.

Khan also acknowledges the flourishing digital space as a key motivator in her renewed interest in the entertainment industry. She wishes to explore her talent once more but refrains from labeling it a ‘comeback.’

“To me, it’s like beginning anew, stepping into this industry as if for the first time. I’m on the lookout for a script and a story that resonates with me, one worthy of what feels like my inaugural journey into the world of acting. The roles I’ve been offered so far didn’t align with what I’m looking for,” she adds, setting her sights on a project that would ignite her passion.

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