Vijay Varma reacts to Gajendra Chauhan’s recent statement on Payal Kapadia: ‘Yeh chup rehne ka time tha’ | Bollywood

Actor Vijay Varma criticized Pune-based Film and Television Institute of India’s (FTII) former chairman, Gajendra Chauhan, for professing he’s ‘proud’ of filmmaker Payal Kapadia following her Cannes victory for her film “All We Imagine As Light”. He took to his Instagram stories to post about a recent comment Gajendra made on Payal. (Also Read: Ali Fazal criticizes FTII for celebrating Payal Kapadia‘s Grand Prix win at Cannes Film Festival: ‘Just don’t’)

Vijay Varma hit back at Gajendra Chauhan for not supporting Payal Kapadia while she was at FTII.(Instagram/Scott A Garfitt/Invision/AP/PTI)

Vijay Varma calls out Gajendra ChauhanVijay shared a post on his Instagram stories where Gajendra claims he was ‘proud’ to be the chairman at FTII during Payal‘s studies. It was a statement he had given to PTI. He expressed, “Congratulations to her and I feel proud that I was the chairman at the time when she was doing the course there.” Gain exclusive access to the latest news on India’s general elections, exclusively on the HT App. Download Now! Download Now! Vijay shared a meme that reads, “Karwali bezzati? (Got insulted?)”, adding, “Sir ye chup rehne ka time tha (Sir this was the time to stay silent),” with a laughing emoji. Since Payal won the Le Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival for her film, people have criticized FTII for claiming her as an alumna.

A screen grab of Vijay Varma's Instagram stories. A screen grab of Vijay Varma‘s Instagram stories.

Payal at FTIIDuring 2015, Payal was among the students who participated in a protest following Gajendra’s appointment as FTII chairman. She stopped attending classes in protest and had her scholarship revoked. Later, when her short film “Afternoon Clouds” made it to Cannes, FTII revised its stance and supported her. Gajendra explained to PTI, “That protest was not against me, it was against the director and the administration.” This year, she made history when her film, “All We Imagine As Light,” won the prestigious award. This marked the first time in 30 years that an Indian film had competed at the festival’s main competition. Payal and her actors Chhaya Kadam, Divya Prabha, and Kani Kusruti attended Cannes. Gajendra on PayalSpeaking to Times Now, Gajendra stated he was ‘proud’ of Payal for her accomplishments. He also commented that there was a ‘significant difference’ between talent and discipline. He mentioned, “I would just like to say, we are all very proud of her. I’d like to congratulate her for her achievement. There is a significant difference between being talented and being disciplined. Talent is all well and good, but being disciplined is equally important.” He also added that he was ‘proud of what (he) achieved at FTII’.

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