Uma Ramesh put together compositions on Shiva for her thematic performance

The esteemed Bharatanatyam artist Uma Ramesh.
| Photo Credit: Photo: Special Arrangement

In an expressive dance program, Uma Ramesh honored Lord Shiva with her art at the Brahma Gana Sabha, taking the audience on a journey from tangible imagery to profound spirituality.

The performance commenced energetically with a Mallari set to the powerful notes of raga Gambhira Nattai, followed by a padigam in praise of Shiva’s dance in the sacred space of Thiruvalangadu kshetram. The dance depicted the beauty of the temple lotus pond and the intricate architectural work, leading to the grand parade of the deities. Uma’s choreography beautifully outlined the physical descriptions in the composition.

Engaging Narrative Dances

The portrayal progressed to a narrative where a lovestruck nayika yearns for Shiva and sends her friend to bring him back, as expressed in the piece ‘Samiyai azhathodi va’ in raga Khamas. This segment unveiled a rich tapestry of expressive dance movements and rhythms.

Uma then delved into a devotee’s earnest pleas to the divine in Gopalakrishna Bharathi’s ‘Varugalamo aiyya’ in raga Manji, where the distress and longing for a divine vision were eloquently conveyed through her gestures.

The performance reached its philosophical peak with ‘Parashiva’, where Subramania Bharati’s poetry in raga Sarasangi explored the sublime connection between the self and the eternal, culminating in a union with the supreme.

The concluding piece was a vibrant thillana in Nadanamakriya by K.S. Balakrishnan, who also contributed with nattuvangam. Uma’s dance was supported by the melodious accompaniment of S.R. Praveen (vocal), Vedakrishnan (mridangam), Kalaiarasan (violin), and Sujith Naik (flute).

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