‘The Judgement’ movie review: Ravichandran anchors a predictable yet engaging courtroom drama

V Ravichandran stars in ‘The Judgement’. | Photo Credit: G9 Communication Media and Entertainment/YouTube

In the latest work by director Gururaj Kulkarani, The Judgement, we follow the story of Anil (played by Diganth Manchale), an investment banker implicated in the homicide of Roopa (portrayed by Roopa Rayappa), who runs an NGO. From the onset, there’s an inkling that Anil might not be to blame. Despite this, when the acclaimed attorney, Govind (V Ravichandran), takes on the job to convict Anil, we can’t shake the feeling that there’s more beneath the surface.

The narrative of The Judgement delves more into the complexities of India’s judicial system rather than the actual unraveling of the murder. This places us, the audience, a few steps ahead of the game, despite the film’s attempts at unexpected twists.

The narrative picks up steam when Govind undergoes a bout of self-reflection and embarks on a quest to uncover the real perpetrator. The film touches on thought-provoking themes such as what motivates a lawyer to take on certain cases.

Govind is portrayed as a man whose choices are influenced by his ego. Craving the label of the ‘best’, he gravitates towards those who worship his skills. The movie confronts the dilemma—can pride cloud one’s judgment? This question is posed to Govind by his wife (played by Meghana Gaonkar), a college professor, compelling him to look inward.

As the story unfolds, Govind ties Roopa’s murder to another legal battle, weaving in a tapestry of legal principles and court procedures.

While the filmmakers strive to craft an engaging legal drama, The Judgement sometimes feels reminiscent of a TV series. The dramatic score during the investigation sequences and an antiquated portrayal of the courtroom setting detract from the authenticity.

The Judgement (Kannada)

Director: Gururaj Kulkarni

Cast: V Ravichandran, Diganth Manchale, Rangayana Raghu, Rekha Kudligi, Krishna Hebbale

Runtime: 151 minutes

Storyline: Investment banker Anil is wrongly accused of killing his client. A sought-after lawyer first proves Anil’s guilt, then later seeks to exonerate him.

Anil’s distraught parents (Rangayana Raghu and Rekha Kudligi) lament their son’s situation, evoking the melodrama often seen in television soap operas. Meanwhile, Qureshi, a stereotypical corrupt official, offers no nuance to the villain role, though Krishna Hebbale’s performance does bring some depth. Occasionally, the film excessively focuses on Govind’s prowess, overshadowing other elements.

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Ultimately, The Judgement falls a bit short as it fails to fully explore the mystery behind the murder. Clues emerge rather conveniently for the audience, reducing the suspense. Nevertheless, the courtroom scenes, supported strongly by Ravichandran’s performance, make the movie a worthwhile watch, even if the heavy dose of legal jargon may feel overwhelming at times.

In conclusion, while Gururaj Kulkarni’s second film may walk a familiar path, it manages to maintain a grip on the viewer’s attention.

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