Sony PlayStation 5 Slim review: Finally fits your setup, performance still shines

The anticipation was high when the initial images of the PlayStation 5 were unveiled in 2020, hinting at a bulky console. Despite hopes for a more compact system, the reality was a hefty machine that stood out for its size and distinctive design—a stark contrast to its Xbox counterpart. Now, after nearly three years of dominating space in living rooms, the sleeker PlayStation 5 Slim has arrived in India on April 5, with a promise to be a space-saver. Our team had the chance to experience the product prior to its Indian debut, thanks to its earlier release in select markets. The question is, does the Slim live up to its name?

The response is affirmative. The PS5 Slim, when unboxed, presents a significant size and weight reduction compared to the original model. The downsizing accomplished by Sony is remarkable without compromising the console’s distinct look. This “tick-tock” approach by Sony alternates between bold and subdued designs annually. The Slim’s unique form, regardless of whether you find it visually pleasing, provides the convenience of being discretely located behind your TV set.

The original PS5, despite several revisions leading to a lighter build, still maintains considerable dimensions and heft. The original tips the scales at 4.5 kg and sports dimensions of 390mm x 104mm x 260mm. The Slim shakes up the console game with a respectful width of 358mm, height of 96mm, depth of 216mm, and a weight of just 3.2 kg—indicating a 24% weight reduction and 30% size reduction. This makes it more adaptable to various entertainment centers, even in the coziest of spaces. The Digital Edition of the Slim further cuts the weight down to 2.6 kg, making it an even more attractively portable option.

The aesthetic of the PS5 Slim is consistent with the iconic white V or Y shape, though now with a two-part side panel design—one matte and one glossy. Sony has expanded the customization options by offering different colored side plates for the Slim. The standout feature is that owners of the Digital Slim who later wish to integrate a disc drive can simply fit one into the drive slot and cap it off with the drive panel. This flexible design is particularly cost-efficient for those who lean towards digital libraries but may later decide on physical media. For those who like to share or resell disc games, the Disc Edition remains a suitable choice. This design evolution enhances the user experience both aesthetically and practically.

If you value symmetry in your entertainment setup, the Slim Digital Edition will surely please you. Planning to display your console vertically? You’ll need to obtain the separate vertical stand or look into aftermarket alternatives, as the PS5 Slim includes side slots for horizontal placement but is a tad unstable when positioned upright without support.

While the build of the Slim is solid, some modifications are noticeable, such as the air vent fins which are less intricate and larger in size compared to the original model, potentially attracting more dust in our construction-laden urban environments, so a regular cleaning regimen is recommended.

PlayStation 5 Slim | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

In terms of technical specifications, both the original and the Slim consoles share the same processing prowess. Notably, the Slim houses a 1TB SSD in contrast to the original’s criticized 800GB, and offers an accessible slot for additional NVME SSD storage expansion. When it comes to IO ports, the Slim favors USB-C in the front and maintains a USB-A port in the back. The core remains consistent with an 8-core Ryzen Zen 2 CPU, AMD RDNA 2 graphics, Tempest 3D Audio tech, and support for high refresh rates and 4K resolution. Performance testing shows no variance; the Slim model provides an equally exceptional gaming experience as the original, packaged in a more space-conscious form factor.

If you’re in the market for a PlayStation 5 today, the Slim model comes highly recommended for its substantial space-saving design and the convenience of 1TB storage. While older consoles might be found at discounted prices, the sleekness and additional storage capacity make the Slim worth the investment. At ₹44,990, the Slim Digital Edition appears to be an enticing proposition, especially with the option for a later disc drive addition.

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