Soni Razdan reacts to receiving scam calls, laments the ‘flawed system’

On a recent Saturday, actress Soni Razdan took to her social media platforms to discuss the pervasive issue of scam calls after a person she knows became a victim to what she described as a widespread deception.

Soni Razdan addresses the ongoing issue of scam calls

Razdan recounted her own experience on Instagram: “You get a call from someone claiming to be with the Delhi Customs or police. They falsely accuse you of ordering illegal substances. Once they’ve captured your interest, they attempt to coerce your personal details like your Aadhar number. I received the same frightening call. They pressure you until, scared, you end up sending them a significant amount of money. Whatever the scenario, I urge you to remain vigilant and not give in,” she explained through her posted stories.

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In an interview, the 67-year-old actress voiced her dissatisfaction with the cyber crime division, questioning, “When a bank account already contains all the vital details of an account holder, and understanding that fraud accounts are virtually impossible to set up without thorough identity checks, where does the failure lie? Why can’t the cyber crime department track and apprehend the individuals behind these accounts? The public has a right to know why these culprits remain at large especially when such scams are far from new. We deserve answers; citizens are being duped on a grand scale.”

Razdan challenged the current identification and tracking mechanisms saying, “The first step should be apprehending these fraudsters. Recovering lost money follows, but I’m confounded as to why catching the culprits is such a challenge. Could they all be providing fictitious addresses? It seems to me there’s either a fundamental flaw in the system, or is it a case of negligence?”

She further criticized the banks and authorities for their inability to pinpoint such fraudsters, considering the strict procedures for linking Aadhaar Cards with bank accounts which include home address verification.

“We keep updating our KYC details regularly. Isn’t the Aadhar supposed to confirm our home address? The verification is done both physically and by the bank prior to account activation,” Razdan concluded with a hint of exasperation.

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