Shamita Shetty undergoes endometriosis surgery: ‘It is painful and unbearable’ | Bollywood

Famed actress Shamita Shetty recently faced surgery to tackle her endometriosis condition. On her social media platform, Instagram, she detailed her experience and used the opportunity to encourage her followers to prioritize regular health check-ups and take preventive measures. (Related: Shamita Shetty responds to being mocked over her age and marital status: ‘I felt both wounded and agitated’)

Actress Shamita Shetty disclosed her endometriosis battle.

This past Tuesday, from her hospital room, Shamita uploaded a video to Instagram showing a heartfelt exchange with her sister, Shilpa Shetty, discussing her struggles with endometriosis – a condition where uterine lining-like tissue develops outside of the uterus.

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Shamita Bravely Faces Surgical Intervention for Endometriosis

At the video’s start, we see Shamita seated on her hospital bed donning a surgical cap. Meanwhile, Shilpa queries her about her condition, ‘kya hua’ (what happened)?’ To which Shamita candidly discusses the ordeal of living with endometriosis and emphasizes the importance of self-care among women, pointing out that many suffer unknowingly from such ailments.

“I urge every woman out there to look up endometriosis. Understanding this issue is crucial. Chances are you could be silently enduring it and might not even realize it,” Shamita, previously seen on Bigg Boss 15, expresses in the clip.

She emphasizes that the condition brings about immense discomfort and distress. “Pain signals something significant within your body, so it’s essential to heed your body’s warnings and maintain a hopeful outlook,” she continues.

Shilpa then humorously asks for any last statements before the operation, whereupon Shamita reiterates the importance of listening to one’s body when it is in pain. Shilpa rounds off the video with the hopeful words, “Stay healthy, stay joyful.”

The post came with a caption from Shamita, which said, “Did you know that nearly 40% of women struggle with Endometriosis… and most remain clueless about this medical condition!!! I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my doctors, my gynecologist Dr. Neeta Warty and my GP Dr. Sunita Banerjee, for their relentless pursuit in diagnosing the source of my pain! Post-surgery for endometriosis removal, I’m optimistic about regaining my health and experiencing pain-free days ahead!”

Support and Best Wishes Pour in From Celebrities

Shortly after the video made rounds on the internet, numerous colleagues from the entertainment sector as well as her fans quickly sent their well-wishes. Actress Bipasha Basu commented, “Take care. Heal swiftly,” while Dia Mirza conveyed, “Love and healing to Shamita”. Umar Riaz, fellow contestant from Bigg Boss 15, urged, “Recover well Shamita,” alongside Krushna Abhishek’s “Get well soon.”

Lately, Shamita has been in the spotlight through her appearances in various reality television programs including Jhalak Dikhla Jaa, Khatron Ke Khiladi 9, and Bigg Boss.

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