Shahana Goswami on Zwigato struggling to get an OTT release: It’s very sad that a good film is not availabl for viewing

Despite being out in cinemas for over a year, Nandita Das’s well-received film Zwigato, which stars Kapil Sharma and Shahana Goswami, faces hurdles in acquiring a slot on OTT platforms. The movie, having made its rounds across several international film festivals, has been met with warm accolades.

Shahana Goswami longs to see her movie Zwigato become accessible on OTT platforms soon.

Shahana Goswami voices her disillusionment about the delay in making Zwigato available to online audiences. “It’s deeply regrettable that Zwigato has not yet found a home on any streaming services. I am in the dark about why that’s the case, as are the filmmakers,” she comments.

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Goswami, who portrays the wife of Kapil’s character in the film – a story of a food delivery worker grappling with pandemic-era challenges – believes the film would be embraced by viewers if given the opportunity. The lack of OTT availability remains a point of sadness for her.

Yet, Goswami remains hopeful for the film’s digital journey, trusting that the delayed release might, in retrospect, add a unique charm to the movie when it eventually does premiere online.

“My hopes are still high. Quality content knows no expiration. The wait might even increase anticipation, turning Zwigato into a sought-after gem when it’s finally accessible. It’s difficult to predict such outcomes, but I choose to look on the bright side, anticipating that its OTT debut, whenever it happens, will be at an opportune time,” she maintains, while dispelling rumors about her joining another project with Kapil Sharma.

In the meantime, Goswami has reason for joy as her movie Santosh is being showcased at the prestigious 77th Cannes Film Festival today (May 20), where she will be joining her team for the event.

The actress, playing the lead in Santosh, reflects on the varying reception of films between domestic and international stages, suggesting that diverse tastes and selective festival programming could be influencing factors.

She also notes the struggle faced by certain films in reaching Indian audiences post-festival due to limited marketing funding, thereby affecting their visibility and reach post domestic release.

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