Shah Rukh Khan laid down THESE conditions for Suhana Khan’s boyfriend; we wonder if Agastya Nanda obeyed them

Today, as Suhana Khan celebrates her 24th birthday, she is no less than royal, being the offspring of Bollywood luminary, Shah Rukh Khan. Suitors aiming to court such high-profile royalty must adhere to a certain code of conduct. This brings us to the stringent rules Shah Rukh mentioned in a past dialogue for whoever wishes to date his daughter. Presently, Suhana is speculated to be in a romantic alliance with none other than Amitabh Bachchan’s progeny, Agastya Nanda.

Suhana Khan ventured into acting alongside Agastya Nanda in The Archies
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Both Suhana and Agastya are said to have kindled a romance while filming their first movie, The Archies (2023). As everyone anticipates official confirmation from the duo, let’s ponder over the seven mandates by Shah Rukh that we hope Agastya has followed:

1. Seek employment

With Agastya having made his debut performance with Suhana and now preparing for his next project, Ekkis, under the directorship of celebrated filmmaker Sriram Raghavan, it seems he’s on the right path.

2. Grasp that you might never be a favorite

It’s possible that SRK might eventually warm up to the idea.

3. Bear in mind, I am omnipresent

We wholeheartedly acknowledge this sentiment when it comes to Shah Rukh Khan.

5. Remember, she is my princess, not a conquest

And rightly so.

6. Reconsider actions for her, lest I act

And indeed, fans would strongly oppose any hindrances to Shah Rukh’s or Suhana’s much-anticipated film The King, slated for a 2025 release.

7. A mirror to her treatment

This fatherly advice surely maintains the suitability of any potential partner.

Shah Rukh naturally plays the role of a protective father, making him a hero in his daughter’s eyes and perhaps an imposing figure for her boyfriend. In any case, here’s wishing Suhana a joyous 24th birthday celebration!


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