Shah Rukh Khan gets shout out in Interview With The Vampire 2; fans call him the ‘true global superstar’ | Bollywood

Renowned across the globe, Bollywood’s king Shah Rukh Khan’s fame knows no bounds, as evidenced when “Interview With The Vampire” season 2 spotlighted the superstar, solidifying his status as an entertainment legend. His enthusiastic followers are overjoyed. (Related news: Shah Rukh Khan talks about his upcoming film schedule: ‘After three movies, a break was necessary’)

Shah Rukh Khan’s latest appearance was in the movie Dunki.

Shah Rukh Khan’s International Recognition

The latest installment of the American series “Interview With The Vampire” season 2 has become a hot topic for featuring a Bollywood element. A scene has gone viral where character Daniel Molloy, portrayed by Eric Bogosian, references Shah Rukh Khan.

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“It’s odd, isn’t it? When the great Shah Rukh Khan was impersonating you, where were they hiding you away? Maybe behind that stolen Rembrandt in a secret safe haven?” Daniel quips to his butler with Assad Zaman’s character present.

Shah Rukh Admirers Rejoice

This unexpected nod to Bollywood left Shah Rukh’s fans ecstatic, sparking a flood of online commentary. Social media buzzed with fans sharing and applauding Shah Rukh’s far-reaching fame.

Delighted fans expressed their amusement with comments like, “I laughed so hard at the Shah Rukh Khan reference” and “Shah Rukh’s mention in the show just shows how vast his stardom actually is.”

“Armand’s smirk shows he caught onto Daniel’s thoughts, and he knew the Shah Rukh Khan tease would get a rise out of him,” observed a fan, while another stated it was ‘absolutely insane.’

A fan highlighted, ”That SRK reference was so well placed, it almost made Armand chuckle,” while others added, ”The joke about Shah Rukh Khan was a highlight for me.”

“I was floored by the ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ joke, he really doesn’t hold back,” one commented. “Eric’s delivery of the ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ line will have me laughing for weeks,” echoed another, as someone else noted, “The Shah Rukh Khan quip gave me such a laugh.”

The narrative of “Interview With The Vampire” unfolds a haunting love story between vampires Louis de Point du Lac (acted by Jacob Anderson) and his enigmatic maker, Lestat de Lioncourt (played by Sam Reid).

Shah Rukh’s Upcoming Projects

Shah Rukh last graced the silver screen in December with the film Dunki. Currently, he’s spotted supporting his Indian Premier League team, the Kolkata Knight Riders. Additionally, he’s getting ready for an action movie and rumoured to appear in a cameo in a project helmed by his son, Aryan Khan, titled Stardom. (More on Shah Rukh Khan: Unlikely to return as don in Farhan Akhtar’s next)

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